A women exhibitionist fucks her ass with a champagne while at the park

Caro is a mature woman exhibitionist that really has no limits. What started off a day to celebrate her birthday ended up becoming a day of nasty exhibitionist antics which include this older lady dropping her panties and tights and inserting an empty champagne bottle in her ass and after she’s got all excited she takes it from her ass and fucks her pussy with it. All this and there are people walking by not to far away. I’m sure they must know what she’s doing, I mean she has her legs up and pantyhose pulled down along with her white panties moaning as she pushes the un-lubed bottle in to her tight asshole. Caro is a lady though that loves public masturbation, you can tell because she’s smiling from ear to ear, she really doesn’t care that people know what she’s doing.

Honestly, this is an exhibitionist grandmother and just look at what she’s getting up to. I hope my wife’s this playful when she hits that age because right now she’s boring! If you want to see more of this German grandmother then check out her website. Full of some pretty depraved stuff taking place in public places.

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