Amateur exhibitionists romping on a car park in Surrey

The UK love exhibitionism. In fact amateur exhibitionists in the UK took it to a whole new level with the dogging craze which swept the country in the early naughties and still continues to this day. With genuine couples going to well known love spots to have sex while strangers aka doggers would watch them through the car window. Of course they would do more than watch. With gentle encouragement from the ladies guys doggers would get their cocks out and masturbate sometimes being allowed to reach in to the car window for a touch of the hot wives breasts and or even their pussy. Some lucky guys would get a blowjob through the car window and some even won the dogging version of the lottery and got to fuck a hot wife while their husband sat in the car and watched.

Amateur exhibitionists soon realized just how much of a turn on it was been watched while they fuck and horny guys jerking over them. The thrill of being caught ad having strangers watch you would have exhibitionists up and down the country fucking in car parks and woodlands.

In the gallery below we see Lyndsey from Surrey – a plump housewife and well known exhibitionist and dogging slut letting total strangers take turns on her on a car park in Surrey. Wearing a tiny denim skirt, stocking and suspenders but no panties she bends over outside the car and presents an inviting target to any hard cocks hiding in the bushes.

She doesn’t hold back either, encouraging all the guys thereĀ  to “have a go” and lets them know that it’s OK to “cum inside me”. You can see the pictures below but to get a real idea of a dogging meet with amateur exhibitionists then you need to watch the videos at Dogging After Dark where you also get to see amateur video of the UK’s most well known dogging milf Rachael who’s been featured in numerous Sunday papers and once let 8 men fuck and cum inside her at a day time dogging meet.

Pictures from: Dogging After Dark

Female Exhibitionists Live Now

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