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Video from: Claire Knight

Claire Knight is a very well known British granny. She’s well as the granny that loves cock, every body on her estate knows Claire in fact most of the young men have had a go on her and why not she’s a beautiful woman – mature, curvy with huge tits and a lush pussy. You would be a stupid man or a gay guy to refuse such a beautiful woman. And, she posts all of her sexploits and exhibitionist videos online.

Claire is an exhibitionist granny and she loves fucking where people can see, most of the times she fucks in the garden but today she’s fucking in the conservatory. She lured the handy man inside by walking around in stocking and suspenders. She wanted more than the guttering fixed, she wanted something way more personal. He already heard what she was like from the lads down the shop so it didn’t take much for him to rise the occasion. He spread her fat ass out on the table and shoved his cock down her throat. After giving her some deep throat action her bent her over the dinner table and gave the old granny a right good fucking. Because he fucked her old pussy so good and left her in such a mess she paid him extra and asked him to come back next week! One the hottest mature BBW’s in the UK. I just emailed Claire and asked her if I could have her address because I wouldn’t mind a go myself.

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Gallery from: Claire Knight

I hope you enjoy the beauty of this stunning woman. Claire is a fantastic lady and here she’s nude in her garden fooling around and playing with her lovely pussy. Wearing black stockings, high heels and black panties she looks great a genuine exhibitionist.


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Daring Exhibitionist wife Lana pushes things to the extreme by walking around naked wearing just her heels and then masturbating in front of a stranger. The stranger sitting opposite her jerking off his cock was invited over by Lana’s husband. He was more than willing to be her voyeur, watching first as Lana walked around wearing just her shoes, her sexy ass going side to side and her big natural boobs catching the Sun.

Lana then lays on the lounger, kicks off her shoes and opens her legs. Her meaty pussy there for everyone to see and admire. I’m a feet lover too and it’s worth noting that Lana has sexy feet, you can see the soles off her feet while she plays with her meaty pussy. You can see she loves the attention shes getting. Having a man masturbate over you must make her feel good. Her eyes never leave the stranger has he strokes himself  for her.  Lana is one of  the most daring wives, a real exhibitionist wife that gets a thrill out of making men hard and making them want to fuck her.

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I’ve never seen anything quite so daring as what this woman did in her local super market. I’ve seen videos of girls who insert a butt plug in their ass but them cover up with their yoga pants and then go for walkies but never a woman so blatant as this exhibitionist wife from Texas Hats off to her the lady though, she’s a brave woman.

The exhibitionist video starts with her getting out her car with the shortest skirt on, no panties, just a pretty little pussy freshly shaved. She then puts the plug in to her tight little asshole and off she goes to do her shopping. You can see the plug in her ass plain as day and so can everyone else at the market. In high heels she casual strolls the lanes doing her shopping, she even bends over the isle and with her ass propped in the air you can see the toy protruding from her anus.  Right at the end of the video she squats down and just take notice at how wet her cunt is – a genuine exhibitionist excited at what she’s just done in public. If you like you can click here to chat with real exhibitionists, share you fantasies, your ideas or even expose yourself online.

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This granny is a kind of dirty latex wearing version of Little Red Riding Hood. She doesn’t wear red and she doesn’t run away from a big bad wolf, in fact she runs towards him, unzips his trousers, takes out his cock and starts sucking him off. And, she does such a good job that he ejaculates all over her big tits. This American granny is one of the most cock hungry grannies I’ve ever met, she loves playing with hard dicks and she really doesn’t mind where she does it.

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I love it when a Milfs got balls and this blonde beauty has serious balls not only that I think she’s fucking gorgeous and has a fantastic body. In these exhibitionist photos from German Milf Sweet Susi she casually walks around the park and lake without any clothes on at all – apart from her sandals!

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Have you ever seen such a  beautiful pussy, so tight and wet? This married woman is taken to a car park by her husband for some dogging fun, horny, excited and dripping wet. She slides herself on to the back seat and eagerly opens her legs up. Encouraged by her husband a stranger comes over to the car and as he opens the car door he’s greeted with the a dripping wet pussy. He knows what she wants, using his two fingers he penetrates her dripping wet cunt.

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Well known flasher and exhibitionist wife Barby is at it again. Long skirt, no panties sitting on benches, steps and walls opening her leg and randomly flashing her pussy. Barby is a busty blonde that loves flashing her bits to strangers, she has the long trench coat and the knee high boots – the perfect attire for flashing. She just opens up her coat and you’re confronted with a naked female body adorned with huge breasts and a shaved pussy.

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