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I’ve never seen anything quite so daring as what this woman did in her local super market. I’ve seen videos of girls who insert a butt plug in their ass but them cover up with their yoga pants and then go for walkies but never a woman so blatant as this exhibitionist wife from Texas Hats off to her the lady though, she’s a brave woman.

The exhibitionist video starts with her getting out her car with the shortest skirt on, no panties, just a pretty little pussy freshly shaved. She then puts the plug in to her tight little asshole and off she goes to do her shopping. You can see the plug in her ass plain as day and so can everyone else at the market. In high heels she casual strolls the lanes doing her shopping, she even bends over the isle and with her ass propped in the air you can see the toy protruding from her anus.¬† Right at the end of the video she squats down and just take notice at how wet her cunt is – a genuine exhibitionist excited at what she’s just done in public. If you like you can click here to chat with real exhibitionists, share you fantasies, your ideas or even expose yourself online.

Exhibitionist dare: Masturbating on Wallmart

An online stranger in a public chat room on Chaturbate as dared Cleo to masturbate in public more precisely on a Wallmart car park. Cleo being the risk taking young exhibitionist she is takes up the strangers dares challenge and heads off on her mission. She even walks to her car naked from her house and drives all the way to her local Wallmart naked too! A lot of people wouldn’t even do that let alone masturbate on a public car park. Cleo streams the whole thing live on Chaturbate.

Cloe is a gorgeous girl too, very sweet with sexy body, great tits, pussy and ass. I’d marry her tomorrow. As she pulls up on Wallmart car park it’s busier than usual as ironically there’s a car sales exhibition but that doesn’t phaze Cleo. To prove that she’s indeed on the car park she Continue reading Exhibitionist dare: Masturbating on Wallmart

The exhibitionist world’s Katherine Brown pissing for a stranger

We don’t get to see her face in this video but what we do get to see is the exhibitionist world’s most famous British cum slut Katherine Brown’s huge pussy getting messed with and fingered by a stranger before taking a huge piss on herself. I love pussy and as far as pussy goes this is one of the best – large, meaty and fucking filthy. Continue reading The exhibitionist world’s Katherine Brown pissing for a stranger

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So this is why hot springs are so popular with elderly men. If I’d of known that young Japanese girls go naked and show their pussy then I’d of checked them out earlier, obviously. Seriously though, this old man must of thought he was in heaven when this sweet young thing enters the pool naked only to start teasing him with her sweet young pussy. I bet his mouth was watering and his cock so hard it hurt.

He watched in awe as she sat on the side of the pool and opens her legs showing her her hairy pussy, playing with herself and Continue reading Young Japanese girl showing an old man her pussy in a hot spring

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This is the infamous video of exhibitionist wife Heather showing you what she gets up to while sunbathing on the beach. This is probably the best beach pussy video I seen in a while. Heather is a well known exhibitionist and this is one of her best videos. She goes on to the beach topless and starts to rub sun lotion all over her sexy body and she has got a hot body for a Milf. But, she rubs the lotion on herself in such away – with her legs open and kind of rubbing her pussy – that it’s pretty obvious what her and her husband are up to and what they want. At one point she’s lying down with her bikini pulled to t he side so everyone on the beach can see her pretty pussy slit and asshole. Continue reading Exhibitionist wife Heather lets a stranger massage and finger her pussy

Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub

This is my collection of my most favorite exhibitionist videos from Pornhub. Are they the best on there I dunno but they’re my best. They’re in no particular order really, I like them all but my favorite of my favorites are number one and two. One for the most beautiful girls having fun next to the seaside and number Two because I just find it sweet. To me it’s the perfect fuck and handjob in the woods. So, here are my Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub! Continue reading Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub

Beach exhibitionist and her friend

When you’re walking down the beach and you spot two young ladies with their perfect tits out you have no choice but whip out the camera and take some oics. It would be a sin not too. Imaging having a crafty wank and spraying your jizz across these two. Well, you kind of can right now over¬† these pics and the bonus video below! Continue reading Beach exhibitionist and her friend

Exhibitionist caught fingering herself on the bus

It’s a short public masturbation video I know but it’s a good one. Not only is this randy teen pretty hot she’s also a very naughty exhibitionist teen that thinks it a good idea to tickle one out on the back on the local bus. She spreads herself on the seat, leg up on the chair, pulls her panties aside and gets to work on that slippery pink hole. But, just as she’s about cum and get that release she’s been working hard to get someone walks by and catches her with her legs open and her fingers slipping and sliding over her wet hole.

Now is that were me walking by I would of course gave her a wink and a smile and politely asked if she needed any help. Being a gent I have no problem helping pretty ladies achieve an orgasm and would gladly of got down on them sweet sugar walls until my stop.

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I love English girls, I always just find them so cute and innocent. And, here is a good example of a sweet English girl who you can clearly see is even a little naive. Like all female exhibitionists the place she heads too to practice her fetish is the local park where she sits on a park bench and casually opens and closes her legs revealing her white cotton panties, very cute panties for a very cute English girl. Continue reading Female exhibitionists love flashing their panties in the local park