Exhibitionist Mom in the UK does the splits on a guys face & full fills her gang bang fantasy

The thing with the British is they really know how to do amateur porn. Here we have a well known Exhibitionist Mom who’s long had a fantasy of having a gangbang. She’s only a young Mom and to be fair pretty fucking fit as it goes. But, I’m a bit fucking jealous too because one of the guys in the video is actually enjoying a long held fantasy of my own which is to have a girl do the splits above me so I can lick her pussy. I doubt very much I’ll ever get to live out this long held dream since my long term fuck buddy is too old and well, too big!

This video is from a well know British site called One Man Banned, I actually signed up so I can download the whole thing. They have some great amateur content in their, a lot of exhibitionist stuff, porn filmed outdoors, some content a bit old but still excellent. I’ve always prefers t he amateur stuff to the pro-shot stuff. I just love the realism. And, that’s what you get in this video.

These guys really go t town on this young British Exhibitionist Mom, her pussy by the end of the video is visibly pink and sore because she’s been fucked and indeed cummed in so much. These were some randy old Bastards having at her but they and indeed she enjoyed themselves and so did I and I’m sure you will too.

Video from: One Man Banned


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