Exhibitionist wife stories that she likes to share with her fuck boys

You know so I love chat rooms, especially Chaturbate because you get to chat with real housewives and you get to listen to their real stories. Either dirty stuff they got up to with their husbands or weird requests from some of their online fuck boys, you know, people like me!

I had a woman the other day tell me about the first time she cuckolded her husband with a guy she met at a bar….

“My husband and I had talked about me sleeping with another man for years but it was something we just fantasized about, of course it turned me on but I never thought we would actually do it until one night we was at a bar and while my husband was outside on the phone a guy started chatting to me. My husband walked back in and saw us fooling around but rather than warning the guy off and letting him know that I was taken he started chatting with him as well. The guy carried on flirting with me and knowing what my husband wanted I started flirting back. We were all drinking, laughing and having a good time. He slid his hand up my skirt and touched my pussy. I looked at my husband who gave me a reassuring look that it was OK. My husband didn’t know it at the time but I got so wet with this strangers strong hand touching my pussy, we was the first man apart from my husband to touch me there in 15 years.

The guy then went to the bathroom and that’s when we got a chance to talk on our own. I asked him if he really wanted to take things any further he said as long as it was Ok with me. He asked if I was turned on by it and I told the truth that I was really turned on by it. But, I was worried about what it would do to our marriage. Fantasy is one thing. Actually doing it though is something else. My husband suggested that when he comes back I should go to the bathroom and take off my knickers so next time he puts his hand up my skirt he’ll know that I want it. I told my husband that I would do it. I would fuck another man but only for him and that I wouldn’t let him make me cum. I said that I’ll only ever let you as my husband make me cum and he said that was OK.

He came back and we had a few more drinks. I went to the bathroom like my husband suggested and took off my panties and put them in my handbag. I came back and sat down. After a while I felt his hand touch my thigh again and then slide up to my pussy. I was so wet and I saw his face light up when he touched my bare pussy and realized I wasn’t wearing any panties. He had a massive smile, he looked at me and then my husband.

Knowing what we all wanted we left our drinks and went to our hotel room which was above the bar. As soon as we entered the room, he undone his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor and tugged down his shorts. I’d never seen a cock so big, it was just so thick and had so much girth. It wasn’t even hard, it was just semi-hard. Truthfully it was probably almost 3 times the size of my husbands! He walked over to me and lay me on the couch, I was so excited and wet but also a bit scared. I was kind of hoping my husband would stop it and bottle out but he didn’t – he was about to really let another man fuck me, his wife. I almost told him to stop myself but I thought it had gone way past that now. I was on the couch when he grabbed my trembling legs and pushed them back over my shoulders and started to lick my pussy. It felt so good, I looked over to my husband who was just standing there, almost frozen – like he couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all so surreal.

He let go of my legs and reached down to his cock, rubbing my pussy on the way. He grabbed himself and put all of him inside me, I felt my pussy stretch around his thick hard cock. I gasped. He reached parts inside me no one else ever has. He started to fuck me. All the way in and all the way out, slowly and controlled. Almost straight away I felt myself cumming. I know I told my husband that I wouldn’t let him make mecum but I couldn’t stop, it just felt to fucking good. This strangers huge, thick cock fucking me. I looked at my husband and whispered that I was sorry and just then I came. I came all over his thick cock. I’d never in all my 15 years or marriage cum so hard as I did that night. Shortly after I cum so did he. He came all inside me. I felt it spurt in my pussy. There was so much of it and he cum for so long that I thought he was never going to stop!

When he finished with me he got off, pulled his shorts up and looked at my husband who then came over to me. I just lay there as he left me – unsure what to do next or what was going to happen – with my legs wide open, I could feel his cum leaking from my pussy, trickling down my inner thigh to my ass cheek. I remember his cum feeling so hot on my skin.

My husband got his cock out, he was so hard. Which I was glad to see, I  was worried how he would be after we actually let it happen. So seeing him so hard and excited made me happy. My legs was still open so my husband climbed on and put himself inside me as he has done a thousand times before. But this time was different. I’d just been fucked by a stranger who was much bigger than him, his cum still filled my pussy. If I’m honest I hardly felt it after the strangers massive cock in me. But my husband fucked me fast and furiously. My pussy making squishy noises because it was still full of another mans cum. My husband pushed my legs all the way back – my black heeled shoes was right next to my face – and fucked as hard as he could. I remember it only took seconds, maybe 30 seconds of hard fucking and my hubby came in me too.

That was our first cuckold adventure and that was 5 years ago. We loved it then and still love it now!”

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