Pretty blonde Morgan Attwood flashes her panties in San Jose

It’s time for another update and you know how I like to start off with a pretty girl from Zishy. This week I have the lovely Morgan Attwood who I think looks like Fibi from friends real name Lisa Kudrow only prettier. And, of course, kinkier.

These saucy photos were taken around her home town just outside San Jose and you can see how comfortable she feels because she has no problem eating her ice cream with her legs open – letting all the local guys look at her white panties that you can actually see through to her unsaved pussy. I actually like pubic hair, I like the natural look but not to natural, I hate it when when it’s on a girls legs or tummy but round the pussy, trimmed nice like how Morgan has it, I dig that.

After casually sitting at the cafe with her legs open giving plenty of materiel for local guys to jerk off too she heads to her car where she takes all her clothes and we get to see her gorgeous naked body and that naturally kept pussy. I mean jeez, just check out her Ass! Also don’t you think she looks way better without the glasses? There’s actually 80 photo to this set and the rest can of course be seen at Zishy.

It’s Fibi from friends!
Personally, I think Morgan looks way better without her glasses on. Comment below your thoughts.
I’m drooling right now, honestly she should put some clothes on and be taught how to bend over like a lady. Not.
I can think of two other things I’d rather be eating right now.
This is one of them. You can tell she knows how naughty she’s being – showing her panties like this is disgusting.
Fun in the back seat of her car.
Lovely body and pussy.
Photos from: Zishy

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