Sweet girl Tatiana Penskaya takes her bikini off on Santa Monica beach

Another fantastic gallery from Zishy – this time with the sweet Tatiana Penskaya. Not only is this beach babe Tatiana sweet and cute she’s also an exhibitionist and like all exhibitionists she likes to show off her body and why not – she has the perfect body. This beach babe has curves that men will kill for and women would die for.

She plays in the Sea first, pulling her bikini down and flashing her cheeky ass but of course just flashing her ass on the beach was never going to be enough for this naughty little minx. She removes her bikini top and lets the puppies out, perfectly formed and golden and lastly her bikini comes off and it’s when she’s nude with people watching that you can tell she’s really enjoying herself. The smile on her face was huge. And, to see such a beautiful girl roll around in the sand naked is enough to get even the most stubborn of cocks hard.

You can download all 52 pics of Tatiana Penskaya stripping, naked and frisky on Santa Monica beach over at Zishy.

Always a winner ass and feet soles in the same pic.

Bikini pulled down just enough to see her ass crack but not her pussy – the ultimate cock tease.

What I wouldn’t give to clean that sand off her soft body.

Photos from: Zishy

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