Male exhibitionist wanted!

Attention Male exhibitionist wanted! You’ve got a beautiful cock and you know it. You’ve seen enough in porn to know that yours is just the right size and shape and you really want to be able to show it off to the pretty ladies and get this, get paid for it! No matter how many favorite girls you’ve got, unless you take a chance and make the first move, then you’re never going to be able to show your cock to girls in chat and that would be a real shame. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show yourself off, in fact, that’s exactly what the girls like to do, so they totally understand. There’s a lot of women who log on to cam sites because they want to see normal, everyday men jerking off. You can jerk off for them, let them see you masturbate and get paid for it.

Many guys in the chat rooms are too self-conscious to take the plunge and show their dicks and that’s a real shame for the women out there. They crave cock just as much as you crave pussy and they’ll take any opportunity at all to get a look at a good one. If you think that yours has what it takes, then you should show it proudly and let them bask in its glory. They’ve seen a lot of them, but they’ve never seen yours.

The common misconception is cam girls is that women have no interest in actually playing with anyone, but that’s simply not true. They’re home alone and horny, and that want to finger their horned up pussies while a guy jerks off. That guy can be you, it’s a win win, you get to jerk off, watch a woman masturbate and get paid for it.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed if you think that it’s weird you want to show your dick to women. Every guy in the world does and most women want to see them. The problem is that the men are never brave enough to actually do it and that quickly becomes a problem for the women. They can only take so much sexual stimulation before they simply need to see it and that’s exactly what hearing about it does to them. You can only read about someone stroking himself to you so many times before your mouth starts to water in anticipation of enjoying it along with him. These women don’t just want to know you’re jerking off to them they want to see you jerking off to them.

Don’t waste your time fantasizing about showing your dick to women, just do it. Keep your cam on all the time and make sure that it’s right in the center of the screen. Before you know it you’ll gte a woman pop in, ask you to do some weird shit like scratch your balls or jerk off in a certain way, you do it, let her satisfy herself and then get paid. Job Done.

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