BBW Lexi flashes her gash in bus stop

I do have a thing for larger women, I can not lie. Though Lexi is a bit larger than what I consider perfect I still find the mature woman sexy as hell. She gets me hard. Especially when she’s being so rude as she is today.  Wearing a  white dress and white stockings she’s already feeling sexy, her pussy and knickers already wet. They looked around for a while to take some flashing pictures and then they found the bus stop which was perfect because she could see on the seat and point her juicy cunt towards the cameraman.

You can tell she enjoyed it, you could tell that she felt so naughty flashing her pierced pussy and  pierced tits on the side of the main road. You could tell because when she Continue reading BBW Lexi flashes her gash in bus stop

Tumblr slut pulls her knickers down on a car park and shows off her buttplug

I saw this picture posted on Tumblr and had to share. For me, it’s the perfect picture; from the panties she’s wearing  and how far she has them pulled down – just to her thighs – to the black heeled shows she has on and they way she has her feet angled in. And, of course her ass all plugged up. Her bald pussy, I can only imagine, was so wet, excited and I’m 100% sure would of got fucked, hard, while she stood up that concrete pillar.

Busty Houston girl Kelsey Berneray flashing her boobs and panties

As you know already I think that Zishy is one of the best sites on the net for naturally beautiful women and to prove it take a look at these 8 fantastic pics of  Houston born and bred girl Kelsey Berneray flashing her boobs and panties. Wearing a burgandy summer dress that barely covers her thick ass and barely holds her boobs in place she looks wonderful. Kelsey is a pretty redhead with tattoos on each of her thighs and both her nipples and naval pierced. Kelsey was nervous about doing risky photos in public but as soon as the camera was on she came out of her shell.

Some men don’t like girls with huge breasts I’m not one of  them. I really appreciate plump, curvy, full figured women and for me Kelsey has that perfect body. The shoot tales place around her home town outside the local pharmacy. We get shots looking down her dress at her cleavage, we get some great pics as she lifts her skirt to show off her thick thighs and tattoos but best of all we get some great shots as she sites on the wall and lifts her skirt  to flash her blue laced panties and lastly a clean pic of her huge natural breasts and jeez don;t they look stunning! You can download the whole set at Zishy only. Continue reading Busty Houston girl Kelsey Berneray flashing her boobs and panties

Pretty blonde Morgan Attwood flashes her panties in San Jose

It’s time for another update and you know how I like to start off with a pretty girl from Zishy. This week I have the lovely Morgan Attwood who I think looks like Fibi from friends real name Lisa Kudrow only prettier. And, of course, kinkier.

These saucy photos were taken around her home town just outside San Jose and you can see how comfortable she feels because she has no problem eating her ice cream with her legs open – letting all the local guys look at her white panties that you can actually see through to her unsaved pussy. I actually like Continue reading Pretty blonde Morgan Attwood flashes her panties in San Jose

Exhibitionist girlfriend masturbates in her panties and wants to sell them to you!

Alice comes from Fontana, California a teen exhibitionist girlfriend that I’d kill for and even though she is only 18 years old, she is so wild and has the looks and the experience that many older chicks would be envious of. This stunning cam girl does a unique kind of sex show – she always masturbates with her panties on. You do get to see her pussy of course, she slips her panties to the side so she can finger herself or use her Ohmibod sex toy but the reason she leaves on her undies while she plays with herself is because she wants them sticking of cunt. Why? Because after she’s came in her panties she wants you to buy them so you can sniff the scent of her teen cunt yourself. She sells her panties for 100 Tokens, a bargain at twice the price. This is what she calls the real girlfriend experience. Click here to see if she’s online and wants fun.

I’d buy a pair myself but my wife would probably end up opening the package and I’d have to deny all knowledge and blame my neighbor which would cause a street row. But, I would really like  to sniff the scent of her cunt because Continue reading Exhibitionist girlfriend masturbates in her panties and wants to sell them to you!

Mature exhibitionist Speedy Bee getting nude and horny in the garden

If you have a passion for mature women who prefer to be unclothed worth a cock in their mouth then you’ll love Britain’s Speedy Bee one of the UK’s oldest exhibitionist grannies. She must be knocking on 60, plump, cute and very naughty. She loves cock and she’s not to fussed who it belongs to. She’s in to public nudity in a big way and never says no to a gangbang or a bukkake.

In this gallery from her very own web site Bee heads in to the yard to catch up on her sun tan. She’s wearing some very tight, I’d say two sizes too small panties and a revealing top. It doesn’t matter that the panties are a tight squeeze Continue reading Mature exhibitionist Speedy Bee getting nude and horny in the garden

Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub

This is my collection of my most favorite exhibitionist videos from Pornhub. Are they the best on there I dunno but they’re my best. They’re in no particular order really, I like them all but my favorite of my favorites are number one and two. One for the most beautiful girls having fun next to the seaside and number Two because I just find it sweet. To me it’s the perfect fuck and handjob in the woods. So, here are my Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub! Continue reading Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub

8 pictures of Bonnie Luntz getting nude and playful in the garden

Bonnie Luntz is one of the most gorgeous and natural women I’ve come across. Always smiling and happy, doesn’t seem to ever get down about anything and she’s a lady that loves to get in the garden, take her clothes off and have fun. She’s also as you can tell from the first photo a lady that loves to be plugged. She loves wearing a butt plug and has 5 sizes to fit any occasion.

As you can see Bonnie Luntz is spitting in the second photo and for some reason I find it such a turn on, maybe because I’m thinking of her spitting on my cock just before I slip it in to that slightly unkempt pussy she has. And, what a beautiful little pussy Bonnie has! Continue reading 8 pictures of Bonnie Luntz getting nude and playful in the garden

Exhibitionist caught fingering herself on the bus

It’s a short public masturbation video I know but it’s a good one. Not only is this randy teen pretty hot she’s also a very naughty exhibitionist teen that thinks it a good idea to tickle one out on the back on the local bus. She spreads herself on the seat, leg up on the chair, pulls her panties aside and gets to work on that slippery pink hole. But, just as she’s about cum and get that release she’s been working hard to get someone walks by and catches her with her legs open and her fingers slipping and sliding over her wet hole.

Now is that were me walking by I would of course gave her a wink and a smile and politely asked if she needed any help. Being a gent I have no problem helping pretty ladies achieve an orgasm and would gladly of got down on them sweet sugar walls until my stop.

Exhibitionist girls that want you to masturbate at work

Jennifer is a cam babe that wants to show you the best way on how to masturbate at work. She likes to get on her cam and tempt and tease men that shouldn’t be seeing naked girls while they are on their work schedule! It turns her on to know you are being a naughty boy and watching her when you are not supposed to be. She will show you how to masturbate at work properly and maybe get it away with it. Of course, she will be turned on if you do get caught too. That’s because she has a dirty mind and she likes voyeurs and exhibitionism. This cam girl loves live video sex chat especially on the Iphone or Skype, show her your hard cock while you’re at work and she’ll be so happy. Continue reading Exhibitionist girls that want you to masturbate at work