Young babe opens her legs & masturbates in the park

Video from: FTV Girls

Jocelyn was bored of doing the same old thing. She wanted to be naughty and to try something edgy and risky, like public masturbation. So she went outdoors for a stroll in the park, found a nice comfy spot in the Sun. She hitched her skirt and sat her bare ass on the warm concrete, raising her knees and opening her legs she exposed her white knickers which were hiding her warm wet pussy. She couldn’t help but be a dirty girl, she reached down with no care who was watching her and started t o rub herself through her white laced knickers.

It was a see-through fence but she did not care. But, this young exhibitionist rubbed her clit and enjoyed it. But as she got hornier and wetter, she chose to go inside to finish her business. Once inside, she took the vibrator she had bought and she placed it on her clitoris. The vibrations were strong and she felt it to her core. She loved the experience but the vibrator was not doing enough for her.

She turned to her fingers for additional pleasure. She fingered herself and moaned with pleasure at the sweetness she felt. It was great and she could not believe all the sensations she was feeling. She would occasionally suck her fingers to get a taste of her pussy juices which tasted a bit creamy. After she came, she played with her labia and spread her pussy just for fun. She did not want to touch her clit because she was exhausted from the intensity of what she had done to herself.

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