10 Of The Best Knickers Down Porn Pics To Make Your Dick Twitch

One of the greatest sights a man can enjoy the sight of a woman with her knickers down waiting for you to go and fuck her. Some like to see knickers all the way down to their ankles, some guys prefer knickers mid thigh and some just slightly pulled – just enough to see her pussy and get their cock up. Knickers have always turned guys on. The first porn image I ever saw was back in the 80’s, a magazine we found in some bushes in the forest, some dirty bastard wanking in the woods, anyway, is was of an old lady pulling down the front of her knickers and showing her very hairy pussy, very similar to the image number 8 below. I’ve had a fetish for knickers porn ever since.


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Asian exhibitionist walks the streets with her hairy pussy out

This tiny Japanese girl has no shame. She’s a young exhibitionist wearing a schoolgirl blouse and schoolgirl socks she’s mad to walk the streets. Not just any streets but a busy high street. Though the quality of this video is poor you can still make out her naked ass and hairy pussy as she walks across main roads making heads turn and cocks twitch.

As you can see in her exhibitionist video she has a fantastic body though, her ass is round and shapely and her pussy small and cute. It’s a massive turn on watching her proudly show off her naked body in public. You can just tell that she loves all the attention she’s getting. Watch it through, I’m sure it’ll get you excited and your cock hard.