Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub

This is my collection of my most favorite exhibitionist videos from Pornhub. Are they the best on there I dunno but they’re my best. They’re in no particular order really, I like them all but my favorite of my favorites are number one and two. One for the most beautiful girls having fun next to the seaside and number Two because I just find it sweet. To me it’s the perfect fuck and handjob in the woods. So, here are my Top 10 Exhibitionist tube videos from PornHub!

10. Cam girl dared to greet the pizza delivery guy naked

This one’s kind of cool. A hot cam girl is dared to take her pizza from the delivery guy naked and I mean naked, not a stitch on. She has huge breasts too. I would of love to of seen the guys face though. Still¬† the girl is hot as fuck.

9. Couple fuck in a cafe while people eat their lunch

Is it fake? I dunno, it looks real. Take a look and see what you think. A young couple start to fool around in the cafe and end up full on fucking with with people not quite sure what to do apart from one old man who looks like he’s really enjoying watching that young pussy get destroyed.

8. UK exhibitionist Stacey having fun in the country

Olidie but goldie well know UK exhibitionist Stacey followed around by a couple of togs as she walks around a small country village naked. Gorgeous body, huge tits and lovely pussy. These yocals had no idea what hit’em they never seen a woman as beautiful.

7. Redhead skater girl teases the public with her nude pussy

This video is actually quite gorgeous. Not just the redhead but the video itself is well shot and edited. The girl though is the star and she’s stunning with such a great pussy and boobs. I guess she’s some kind of skater chick judging form the fact that she’s got a skateboard. At first she teases the public with just her panties on and then she takes them off. Sitting with her legs open so people can see her trimmed pussy. She’s beautiful this girl though. If I can find her name I’ll update the post.

6. Exhibitionist wife sucking off a stranger while hubby films

Hot video of a real husband and his exhibitionist wife. The husband is actually the dude filming as his wife sucks off a strangers cock not just in front of her husband but in front of other friends too. And, I tell you what if you ever wanted to know what a cock gobbler was, well, this is one. A fuck expert in the art of cock sucking and she doesn’t stop until this guys balls are drained much¬† to the delight and laughter of everyone there. Just look at that cum dribble from her mouth. So hungry.

5. Hot amateur wife fucks a dildo attached to the window

All as I can think while I watch this is my wife need sto get her ass to the gym, well, that and she’s gonna cause someone to fuck up and crash the car. I’m not 100% how much you can see of her though because she’s so high up but I’m pretty sure I could make out her pussy slamming against the window and driving that dildo up her cunt. Seriously though, how fucking hot is this wife? And my man even goes and puts his cock in her warm sweet mouth. I’m fucking missing out here.

4. Pussy flash and blowjob on the plane

This is sexy French exhibitionist Naomi a very daring housewife who loves public exhibitionism. The more daring the better. Like jerking off and sucking her husbands cock on the plane. In this video she first teases her husband by removing her panties and flashing her pussy. Now if I was sitting near I’m sure I catch the scent of that pussy. Anyways, Blowjobs on planes should be mandatory to relax the customers during a stressful flight.

3. Lili masturbates her wet pussy in the public bathroom

First off let me just say that Lili is super fucking tasty and if she has a wet pussy she should be allowed to masturbate that where ever the fuck she wants. In this video on Pornhub Lili does indeed have a very wet pussy. After peeling her pretty blue panties off and throwing them o the floor she gets to work on her very wet pussy. Fingering and rubbing away and really doesn’t care about who can hear her moaning. Look for her legs going weak at around 3:50!

2. Quick fuck in the woods while walking the dog

I like this video, I fucked my wife in the woods a few times when we used to take the dogs for a walk so I can relate to it. To me this is the perfect fuck and handjob – a sweet video by a nice loving couple. The girl has a beautiful pussy as well and you can see how wet she gets while she’s been fucked and how much she really enjoys it. I like the way she tugs her pants down and jerks the guy off, really naughty. Got my cock twitching straight away. Nice cum shot at the end too, giving her man a really good wank and he cums all on her tummy.

1. Two FTV girls masturbate each other in public

You know so I just love FTV Girls, I love the way they shoot the girls and the girls themselves. They’re all just incredibly hot and all love to flash their bits outside but as far as exhibitionism goes this video has it all. Two beautiful women showering by the seaside naked letting all the older dudes get an eye full. As they’re showering they even take care to wash their little assholes! I know I;m a dirty old bastard what can I say. After washing up it’s a small skip to the bench where they spread their legs masturbate each others pussies. Damn, I love seeing girls masturbate each other and outdoors and in public. To me this is the best video.

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