Wife exhibitionist taken by her husband for an afternoon treat with two strangers

This is the kind of thing I’d love to do for my wife’s 50th coming up in a few weeks. Find a couple of young men who adore older women and take my wife to some random outdoor locale for an a broad day light dogging session. My wife, though she shares her fantasies with meof fucking other men while I watch lacks the courage to follow through with the en devour. But not this wife exhibitionist.

This wife exhibitionist is more than happy to get savaged by two young pricks in a parking lot in broad daylight and she wastes no time it removing her clothes so all over her large body is on show for these two young men to adore. While sitting in the back of the car she gets her fat pussy fingered until the point where it’s dripping cunt juice and then it’s cock sucking finishing off with both of these boys coming in this wife’s wet cunt. A perfect birthday present.

Photos from: Mature USA

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