Nude exhibitionist takes a piss in the woods while some lads watch from the trees

I love watching women take a piss but I still can’t work out why I love it so much. Is it just that I’m a depraved, dirty old man or is there something more to it. Are they secreting some unseen hormones or giving off some other biological signals? Even when woman are so badly dressed as this one – wearing orange and yellow striped socks, slip on shoes and a tiny denim skirt – I still get so fucking erect.

I love the way she opens her legs nice and wide with her toes pointed out kind of like a ballerina – perhaps being a Russian, which she obviously is judging by her dress sense she’s had some ballerina training – and then precedes to squat down, lifting her skirt and casually just piss on the forest floor like her ancestors have most likely down for a 100,000 years before her. Check out the men in the distance, getting an eyeful. If it were me I’d of probably knockedĀ  a quick one out!

Gallery from: Dirty Public Nudity

Female Exhibitionists Live Now

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